What readers are saying about THE WOMAN IN THE DARK . . .

‘I can honestly say that this book will be next years must read psychological thriller of 2019’

‘A deeply disturbing psychological thriller which always stays on the right side of horror’

‘What a cracker of a book. Unputdownable and well written’

‘I loved this book and stayed up half the night to finish it’

‘A real page-turner . . . I thoroughly enjoyed it’

‘A dark and many layered book. Hooked from the very first page’

Brilliant . . . a fantastic ending with a twist that I did not see coming’


What she can’t see can hurt her

Its difficult to get a good thriller nowadays that is not an author’s take or spin on another author’s story. This story is something new and I found it very enjoyable though at times thought the kids might end up traumatised for the rest of their lives with their experience in the house, and then I think to myself its only fiction.

The story is gripping and it’s the type of novel that makes you think you have susssed who the baddy is an then you read on and realise you are totally wrong cause events play out telling you that could not possibly be the baddy. The novel is quite long but the chapters are short and because events are ever changing you do not notice that you have read so much at one sitting. What I liked with this novel was the way as different events in the story unfolded I found myself questioning in my own mind how I would react to the situations that were taking place, and, having read dozens of novels by different authors and its rarely that a writer can get “under your skin” like this, so I applaud her creativity.

I like the fact that Sarah narrates her story throughout. Personalising the story from the beginning gives you a sense that you know her as she makes her way through her eventful journey. I think the choice of a black background for the title on the cover is fitting as is the title and after reading the book I find the title very apt.

The Woman In The Dark – Vanessa Savage – A Savage House For Sure

This was a read that kept me guessing and really wondering was Sarah mad, having delusional thoughts or was there more to it than that?

Yes so much more layers upon layers reminded me more of Hammer House of Horror films of old. Squeaky floorboards, cellars and loads of bad happenings. The twist that came near the end was not the one I wa thinking it would turn out to be. The one I thought deep down and having a major role in it wasn’t the one.

Just if you love your houses to fill their residents with fear and make for one scary read well who does like receiving shells and other gifts but no names with them. Plus having that feeling that someone is watching you then worth reading. Already been looking to see if any others have been writen by this author as the style and flow of it kept me page turning.

A dark and many layered book. Hooked from the very first page.

This was really nail biting stuff. I was hooked from the first page. I loved it , I did sort of work a few things out but this not detract from the book in any way. Sarah has a perfect husband and perfect children , but following a break down,cracks appear in tightly held family dynamics. Sarah is made to feel that everything is her fault. The insidious way her perfect husband is in control soon starts a downward spiral. They all move to a house that Patrick lived in when he was a child. It should be perfect right next to the sea. But lies and fear creep about this house and nothing is what it seems. Brilliant